Now Open in Sugar House!

We couldn't be more excited to announce that we are open for business at our first sit down coffee shop! We are right next to the location of where it all started for us at our first event with the sidecar motorcycle coffee bar - Sugarhouse Park. The new address is 1327 E. 2100 S. suite 102 SLC, UT 84105

Sugarhouse has been our neighborhood for the last 19 years and we are proud to serve our long-time neighbors the very best specialty coffee beverages and pastries.

Order Ahead

Third Wave Coffee

The third wave coffee movement is a movement led by both consumers and manufacturers to consume, enjoy, and appreciate high-quality coffee. To us it simply means the best beans we can find, ground and brewed skillfully using the best equipment and techniques. We strive to make the best cup of coffee that you've ever had while also providing a unique and memorable experience.

Anchorhead Coffee Roasters

We have deep connections to Seattle and have chosen to serve our favorite Seattle-based roaster. Once you try it you'll see why we wanted to be the first coffee 'shop' in town to brew with Anchorhead Coffee beans.

Steven Smith Teamaker

Look - we love our coffee, but we also like a good organic tea on occasion. We are proud to bring you a selection of tea from Steven Smith Teamaker - these guys are quickly gaining a following beyond the Pacific Northwest.